Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Site


Today I’m going to show you Best google AdSense Alternatives for You Site/Blog. Google AdSense one of the most popular advertisement networks. But, AdSense doesn’t approve your site easily, you should get traffic from Search Engine and you have published Original Content etc.

There are many other Google AdSense Policies to approve Google AdSense Account. I have seen newbies or beginners on this field, they are earning money from AdSense. They don’t follow AdSense policies than they are don’t get AdSense Approval Account.

Google AdSense Alternatives

But, if you want to earn Money Online, there are many ways available such as Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, and Advertisement. You can choose any one and Earn Money Online as Well. If AdSense rejected your site, you will apply with another High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Site

I know Google AdSense best platform to earn Money Online, but you don’t get approval. You try to another advertisement companies. There are a couple of High Paying Advertisement Networks available on the web. I have found Best Advertisement Network, below I have shared with Short Description.

BuySell Ads


BuySell Ads is one of the most popular advertisement network, BSA directly based advertisement networks. Advertisers buy a Slot as you want to display ads on your website. Basically, Ads Slot / Area you can Display on your website Header, Sidebar, Footer etc.

If you have good traffic from Search Engine or you have minimum 20,000 monthly page impression. You’re Site Display Looking Professional, Clean, and Original Content. BSA best for you to earn money online using monetize a blog.

Media NET


Media Net is a contextual ad Network by Yahoo and Bing. They are offering High Paying Ads Media Net Ads Type similar to AdSense.Media Net is paying CPM (Cost per Mile) Advertisement network. AdSense is a CPC Networks, You have monetized a blog using AdSense, users click the AdSense Ads then you will earn. But Media Net different, any users come on your blog/website, you will earn money as well.

Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic

Here is Google AdSense Alternatives, If you received low traffic. You try to Apply below Advertisement networks, I hope your website approve as well.



Infolinks another helpful CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertisement network, you can monetize a blog using Infolinks. You can earn more money using Infolinks, but you have good traffic. You will easily get Infolinks Account versus AdSense or any other networks.



Adversal another AdSense alternatives, Adversal Account Approval requirement are Monthly Page Views minimum 500,000. If you have good traffic you blog/site approved, you should try it. You have earned $20 you will withdraw Using Paypal, Wire Transfer. After approved your site, you will monetize a blog/website and earn money without AdSense as well.



Chitika is a CPC (Cost per Click) Advertisement networks, AdSense and Infolinks also CPC Network.  If you applied several on AdSense and your site rejected, you can apply on this Advertisement Network. I hope your site approved as well.

Revenue Hits


Revenue Hits best Advertisement network, it is best AdSense alternative. Your website received good traffic from search engines, Revenue Hits best to you. Revenue Hits Ads best advertisement network, you can earn money using monetize blog/website.

Above All about Google AdSense Alternatives, you can choose any one as you like, than Simply Apply Now. After that you will received email 03-05 Days. Than they are tell you your Website Approved or Not.

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