Student Registration System in PHP with Admin Panel


Guys, if you are learning PHP and you want to create an awesome project. I will teach you how to design and develop Student Registration System in PHP with Admin Panel step by step with practically.  Guys, PHP is one of the best OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Language, which used to develop Web Applications.

There are many OOP Programming available such as Python, C#, Java etc. But, PHP one of the best flexible OOP Programming Language. You can use PHP to Develop Powerful and Awesome Web Based Applications.

There Are A lot of PHP Projects running on the web such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Flicker, Yahoo, Tumblr, WordPress, Mail Chimp and More. Those Are Top Website or Web Application, in the back-end of the website have PHP Programming Language.


Guys, I know newbies of beginner users they are facing many problems to develop projects.  So, if you are a beginner in any fields. First of All, you should be learn Basic knowledge, then you need to create a project with the help of your skill.

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Guys, Project is very important for beginners because the user will use different tactics and usage of personal skill. So, Guys, after creating small Project in PHP. You will able to develop the large project in PHP, you will use different method or function to develop large Web Application.

Recently I shared complete course namely Student Registration System in PHP with Admin Panel.  In this project, I used PHP Programming to Develop Securable Login & Registration System. Once you will create Login & Registration System in PHP.

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Then, We Will able to Design and Develop Admin Panel. Basically, Admin will able to display each student details. Then Admin Will Able to Perform the Operations such as Insert, Update, Delete, View and Also Search the Student Record.

It’s fully secure web-based application, you can get a lot of ideas from Student Registration System. Basically, Student will create an account, then data has been stored in the database, but you can read everything without Password.

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Basically, I used PHP functions to encrypt the password, once password encrypted then stored in our database. The Same thing available in the Admin Account, but Admin Account I made manual without using PHP Programming.

Student Registration System in PHP 

I mentioned each topic on below, we will understand it step by step with practically. You need to follow on my video lectures, before enrolling the course.

You Must have basic PHP Knowledge, then you will able to develop a web-based application with the help of PHP. If you don’t in PHP, I suggest you, please learn PHP First then Enroll on My Course.

Introduction & Startup
  • Download & Install Xampp, Visual Studio Code
  • Design Navbar
  • Design Student Login Form
  • Design Student Registration Form
Student Registration System
  • Design Application Database
  • Get Image & Get Values From Input Text Fields.
  • Use Validation
  • Insert Record in the Database
Student Login System
  • Match User & Email Password
  • Display Logout Button
  • Design View Page
  • Display Database Values in View Page
Admin Panel
  • Design Admin Database
  • Admin Display Logout Button
  • Display Student Record
  • Display Button in Admin Panel
  • Admin View Student Record
  • Admin Edit Student Record
  • Admin Delete Student Record
  • Admin Search Record Student

Above all features available in this application, you can watch below DEMO video of this course. If you like that, you can enroll now with 75% Discount.

Student Registration System in PHP 



Guys, I hope you have learned something new on this course.  I have mentioned each way to learn Student Registration System in PHP. If you like it, kindly share and like the content and Share with Social Networks.

If you have any question/suggestion, comment me or email, after receiving your email. I will help you to solve your problems. Thanks For Watching and Read the Complete Article.


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