Point of Sale and Inventory System in Php


Hey Everyone Hope you are all fine, recently, I found one of the best web-based applications namely Point of Sale and Inventory System in Php. There are many helpful web-based applications available but Point of Sale and Inventory System in Php is one of the best and most popular applications.

Guys, You can use that for your Business, If you have Shop, Mall, General Store, etc. You can use that to save important records. If you maintain the record manually, I know you are facing many problems to write the product name, and customer name, or searchinging the customer record.

Point of Sale and Inventory System in Php

Using the Manual method your record is not safe for a long time. But if you are using any web or desktop-based application, your record is safe long time and also you can maintain the record easily. I’ve seen a lot of Shopkeepers, Shopping Malls, and others using Applications to maintain the record.

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However, So, If you want to your record safe for a long time and also you want to save a bunch of important time. I suggest you try new applications that help you to easier work for a long time.  So, You can try it if you like that, then you can use that for your Business otherwise leave that.

Point of Sale and Inventory System in Php

A Complete Point of Sale and Inventory System with helpful features, that help you to maintain the record. You can use that to Generate the Invoice, Quotations.

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You can also use other helpful features such as Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Project Management, Accounts, Data & Reports, REST API, CRON Jobs, and Employee Management with a different user role.

Point of Sale and Inventory System Features:

I included each feature and also usage details with a short description. You can get ideas from it. Once you like that, you can get a complete project with mentioned DOWNLOAD / MORE DETAILS link. That Link is available below.

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  • Professional and Attractive Design
  • Online Payment Supported
  • Register For Each Employee
  • Pos Register Log
  • QR Code Generator


  • Customer Rates per Products Invoicing.
  • Select Tax Invoicing.
  • Delivery Notes
  • Performa Invoicing
  • Custom Discount rates per Products
  • Integrated Stock Manager
  • Get Online Payment with Exclusive Link
  • Professional Invoice Printing Templates


  • Send Quotes With Application as Email
  • Convert Quotes to Invoice


  • Send Purchase Receipt with Your Stock Requirements to Seller
  • Integrated to Register Manager


  • Track Stock value Category Wise
  • Accomplish Product Ware Communities
  • Achieve products with livestock position.
  • Auto Email Alert with Low/decrease Stock
  • Product Differences.


  • Customer File and Online Renew
  • Get Top of Demands With Specific Client
  • Income & Expenditures by client
  • Income & Expenditures by customer


  • Get Record Buying orders
  • Payment record to Seller

And Much more features are available on this application, you can download the application and read more details please visit the link.

Sales and Inventory Management System – Php MySQL Project With source code

Guys, I’ve found another great web application namely Sales and Inventory Management System in Php with Source Code. You can check its features and more details below.


With Point Of Sale Billing and Stock Management System, you can automate the billing process and generate custom invoices that take into account different tax rates. The stock management functions can be customized to suit your inventory needs.

Point of Sale is a powerful computer system that aids in the management, tracking, and monitoring of business transactions. Point of Sale can be used to help manage inventory, collect payments, send invoices, and much more.

This complete solution can be accessed from the comfort of your own desk.

qBill – Inventory Management System

qBill - Inventory Management System

qBill is a web-based, PHP, inventory management system. With qBill, organizations can manage sales, invoices, suppliers, products, and categories as well as expenses and customer management.

qParaphrase: qBill, this Inventory Management System in PHP, is capable of managing sales orders and invoices. Organizations can also manage suppliers and products and they can track expenses and customers.

Wholesale – Inventory Control and Inventory Management System

Wholesale - Inventory Control and Inventory Management System

In order to have a successful workflow, it is important that a company has a reliable inventory management system. This system keeps all the data of a company readily available for viewing.

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Guys, Downloading Php Project and Also Learning How to Buy a Domain, Web Hosting, and Also Upload Php Website on Cpanel. You are able to upload any Php Scripts Online.

Once your php project/scripts are online, then are able to access it anywhere. If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to contact me, I will be happy to give you a response.



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