Library Management System in C# with SQL Server (Source Code)


Today I’m Going to Show You Library Management System developed in C# 4.0 and back end SQL Server 2008. The Project developed by Vaibhav Patidar, He is Software Engineer.  Library System Project very helpful to maintain Record.

The library is an Educational Platform, there are many Educational Materials available and Thousands of Students Studying in Library for a different purpose. So, Highest Libraries around the world they are maintaining the record with the help of Softwares.

Library Management System

So, if you want to maintain the record, you should use Software.  After use Software your record secure and safe much time. If you maintain a record Manual your record not secure and save. So, I prefer you should try Software.

Library Management System in C#

However, I have shared Library System in C# & SQL Server. You can download this software free of cost. After that, you will start to maintain the Record. The Library Management System attached all futures, which is used in Library.

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Furthermore, if you want to learn how you can develop a Software or Are You Learning any Programming Language. You face any problem to How I Can Develop a Project, that’s very simple process to develop a Software.

You simply download this project or any other projects. Then you review the software after reviewed software. I hope you are understood as well How to Develop a Software. But, your review carefully, doesn’t miss any code.

Library Management System Software

In this Software you can use helpful futures such as Save the Book Details, Generate Different Reports, SMS, Email, Database Backup, Change Password, Recovery Password etc. These are common futures I have entered, other helpful futures available in the software.

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However, Library System which is used Professional level Libraries. But you can use this application any Library System. If you maintain the record using manual ways, you should try this software. After that, you don’t need to maintain record manually. In this time Companies, Schools, Stores, Shops, Malls Etc. They are using Software for maintaining the records.

So, above all about Library Management System, are a student you can learn How You Can Build a Project?  Are Employee any Library or any other Institute, you can get ideas about it. I hope this application is helpful and beneficial for you.

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Login Details are mentioned below:

User Name:  admin
Password:  12345

Software Management System Developed by Vaibhav, If you want to make another professional application, you can contact on below:

  • Facebook: Vaibhav
  • Contact#: 00919630014949
  • WhatsApp: 00919630014949
  • Email:

If you have any question or suggestion kindly comment me or email. I will reply with your answer maximum 24 hours. Don’t be forget to subscribe on my Social Networks Pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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