Library Management System in PHP with Source Code


Hey Guys, Hope you are all fine, I have found Library Management System in PHP fully professional project with source code. If you want to maintain library records you should be used to Applications, if you don’t use any type of Applications.

I suggest you try now a Library Management System in PHP Application, then you will easily maintain the records.

When you will learn to Use Applications, then you will save a lot of your important time. If you maintain the record without any application, you can’t save time and you are facing many problems to find the records, remembering the books, saving the student details, etc.

But, if you are using an Application you can perform many operations without facing any difficulties.

Library Management System in PHP

However, I have found the Library Management System in PHP you can use that to maintain the records. This application has a lot of features, the all features are helpful and beneficial for a librarian.  

I will mention each part and also a short description of each feature below. If you like that, you can follow the below-mentioned download link to download it.

Open Source Library Management System In Php

Guys, this application is a web-based application, you can use that any place around the world. You can use that on your computer/laptop without the internet.

I suggest you use the Application with the internet, after using the application with the internet you will use features that are available in this application.

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Without the internet, you can use that, but you can’t use many features. So, I hope you understood as well about using the Application Internet and Also without the internet.

Library Management System in PHP Features

  • Fully Responsive and Professional Web-Based Application.
  • Member Feature
  • Book List Feature
  • Issue & Return Feature
  • Reports
  • Reminder
  • Multilanguage Support
  • RTL Support

Book Category Feature


That’s Library Management System in PHP Book Category Panel. On this page, you can use many features such as Add New Category, Edit Category, Delete Category, and Search Category.

And Also You can use other features such as You can use Next Page, Previous Page Records Using Pagination.

Member Feature


Member Area On this page you can Add Member Types and Also Perform many operations such as Search, Edit, and Delete. Another Helpful feature available inside Member Area, you can Generate a Member ID.

Circulation Settings 


You can use Circulation to Check Issue Limit Days, Issue Limit, Fine / Penalty Per Day, and Also You can use Search the Records on this page. Finally, you can check Return and Issue Book details on this Page.

SMS Settings 


SMS Settings that’s a great feature available in this application. You can use this feature to send a message to Students. Inside the SMS setting you can check How many Emails are Active or Not. Finally, you can use the SMS or Email Feature to Send an Email or SMS to students.

Daily Read Books


Daily Read Books page, you can use add Book ID And Also find the Books with complete details on this page. You can check the How Many Times to Read the Book and Also Date.

Requested Books


Request Book Feature, On this page you can check which member submit the Book request. Then How Many Books are accepted or Not with each Detail such as Member Name, Title, Author, Edition, and Also Date.

Memberwise Fine Report


Memberwise Fine Report, In this page you can check complete member details and also fine / penalty details. Then You can use another feature such as Download to save the complete record on your local computer.

Notification Report


Notification Report feature on this page, you can check complete member details. And You can check the Message Subject And Also Message on this Page. Finally, you can use Download Button to save the complete record on your computer.

Library Management System in PHP Front-End


In the Front-end of this application have  Books complete details. You can check how many Books are available on this Application, which author has written the Book, and Also Complete Details. In the Front-end of this Application,  you can find the Book using the Search Box and Also Check Categorized Books.

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Then you Member easily contact with Admin Using Contact Page.  On this Contact Page, Library Details, and Also Contact Form, Member easily send a message to Admin. Finally, Admin Login with Application Using Login Page.

Guys, I have found the Library Management System in Php, I have mentioned each feature available on this application. If you like that or do you want to check a DEMO of this application? You can follow the below-mentioned DOWNLOAD / DEMO link.

MS Library

Our Library Management System was created with the help of computerization to efficiently handle any type of Library. The system is automated and virtual so that it can be customized to fit any library.

Before ERP was introduced, library tasks were handled by hand in a traditional manner, but now they are easy, transparent, and efficient.

Our library service connects with any existing system, such as public libraries or the school library. It is customizable and feature-rich.

Library Management System 3.0

This library administration system PHP script supplies a really user-friendly interface for the web librarians to handle the web-based library system. Also, the dynamic dashboard of the admin panel will give a graphical report of the latest actions.

Whereas, it’s also possible to have logs of circulations, acquisition, members, books, and many others. Moreover, this responsive script comes with RTL help and 12 totally different languages.


Easy LMS – Library Management System

Just like its title, Easy LMS helps to handle your library like a professional. You can simply configure all the weather associated with the guide depository akin to issued books, day restrictions to maintain a guide, advantageous system, and many others.

Using this script, site owners can both add a brand new guide within the library database routinely by merely offering barcode ID or add them manually by giving ISBN quantity, guide title, writer, writer, and different particulars.


elibrary Soft

elibrary Soft is a versatile library portal via which you’ll retail e-books/bodily books, and journals of various genres and permit customers to avail them.

It enables you to handle all of the books, journals, newspapers & magazines of your library simply via the highly effective admin panel. Besides this, it’s also possible to publish information and occasions on your internet web page.

You can use this software program for each web-based or native host-based library.

Library CMS – Powerful Book Management System

Library CMS is a robust CMS for guide administration that may be built-in with a one-click setup. It supplies an exquisite guide administration as you possibly can simply add/modify, or delete books out of your guide catalog. Also, it lets you get a totally different catalog of guide authors, publishers, genres, and many others.


If you have any questions/suggestions, comment to me or email, me after receiving your email. I will help you to solve your problems. Thanks For Watching and Reading the Complete Article.


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