Hospital Management System in Java With Source Code


Today I’m going to show you Hospital Management System developed in Java and Microsoft Access. It is fully application software, you can use this software to build a record and save the time.  The Project designed by Raj Sharma with the help of IDE Net beans 7.3.1 and MS Access 2010.

If you want to make a project in Java, you can get ideas about it. It is fully professional designed application software. Which is used to Record Maintain? In this software, you will easily Insert, Update, Delete, and View and search the record.

In this time everyone using Application Software, they are using application software and save the time. So, if you have Hospital you can use this software and maintain a record as well. That’s very simple process to maintain the record.

Hospital Management System in Java

Furthermore, Hospital Management System providing a couple of futures, you can use everyone for a different purpose. So, I will instructions and source code of this project. You can download on personal computer free of cost.

Hospital Management System Project

It is very helpful and beneficial application software for beginners or hospital system owner. Student gets knowledge about it after that student easily understands to build a project with the help of Java. I hope after used this software, you will design another application as well. But you have good knowledge Java Programming.

Futures of this Application

  • Nurse / Ward Boy Entry
  • Doctors Entry
  • Patients
  • Register
  • Services
  • Admit to Room / Ward
  • Discharge from Room / Ward
  • Billing
  • Automatic Allocation and DE allocation of Room or beds from Ward.

Above all futures very helpful for building a record or maintain hospital record. If are you using any application software, I don’t know. But you I sure you save a couple of time, and easily find the record. Applications very helpful on this time

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What You Do to Run the Application?

First of All, you have installed Net beans and MS Access. If you don’t have installed you must install it. After that download this project on Personal Computer. After downloading this application, you must be configured Database ODBC.

How to Configure ODBC Data Source?

  • Open Control Panel or Search Start Bar “ODBC Data Source”.
  • Administrative Tools
  • ODBC Data Source
  • Add Button
  • Select Microsoft Access Driver and Click Finish Button
  • On the Dialog Box Window, Fill the Data Source Name with the name of Database.

After complete above process, you will open a project with Net bean then you will start to build up a record of review application software.


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