Crime Reporting System in PHP with Source Code


I will share Crime Reporting System in PHP with Source Code, It will help for beginners in PHP Fields. They are facing problems to create an application with the help of PHP and MySQL database. PHP is a programming and also OOP Language, which is used to create web applications.

PHP learners or students they are facing difficulties to develop projects. They don’t have any ideas about How We Can Create a Project in PHP or any other programming languages. I think projects is very helpful and beneficial for everyone beginners in PHP.

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Crime Reporting System in PHP with Source Code

In this projects you will get a lot of ideas, then you will easily create your own applications.  This project designed by Crime Reporting System, you can use many futures. That will help you to design and program the applications.

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This project is written in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/Jquery Languages. But especially programming language is PHP and MySQL Database. However, if you want to use this application you need to buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting.

Once Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting, you are able to run the application online. I mean you can use this application anywhere. However, Below I have shared the project links, you need to download it free of cost.

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Once the project has Downloaded, then you need to create a database with the same name. The Database file available in this project, you need to create a new database and import them.

Then you will able to run the project on the personal computer. It will work very well, Then you can use it on personal work or learn How to Create a Project in PHP.


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