College Management System in PHP & MySQL


I have found one of the most useful project namely College Management System in PHP.  There many projects available on the web, which are developed in PHP & MySQL Database. More than PHP Programming Students providing many projects free for newbies or beginners in this fields.

If, you want to learn How You can make a Project in PHP Programming step by step. I have found College Management System Project developed in PHP & MySQL Database, you can download it and get a lot of knowledge.


College Management System developer included most useable futures such as Student Data, Staff Data, Fees Data, Manage Data Sheet, Account Discussion Forum, Facilities, Library Time Table, and Downloads. Those Futures used for different purpose in the College.

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Do you want to use it, you just need to download it. After downloading this project, you need to make a Database and import project database on PhpMySQL Database. Then you need to Copy the Project and Paste with HTDOC Folder. Then can use it to store College Data, if you want to learn how you can develop it? You need to Review One by one Page, then do it practice on the Personal project.

College Management System in PHP

In this Application you can use many operations such as Insert, Update, Delete, View and Download Files. Below, I have shared a screenshot with short description each page. After reading the short description, you can get many ideas.

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College Management System Classes

College-Management-System-Classes Tab

After login, you can see the Classes Form display. You can use it to save, delete, View and also Search Record. In this Section, there are many other classes tabs available you can use operations.

College Management System Teachers


Above mentioned image all about Teachers Form. In this section, you can use many futures such as Manage Teacher Salary, Search Teacher Record, Insert Record, Update Record, Delete Record and Also View Record.

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College Management System Fees


Fees Tab in this section, you can manage student Fees like D.Com Classes, B.Com Classes and Also M.Com Classes. Furthermore, You can use Insert, Update, Delete, View and also Search Record.

College Management System Date SheetCollege-Management-System-Date-Sheet-Tab

This is Date Sheet Form, in this section, you can see many data in the Table. You can see each Subject Details and also you can perform the Operations Insert, Update and Also. In this Section, You can see many other futures such as Old Date Sheet, B.Com Sheet, M.Com sheet etc.

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College Management System Users


Above mentioned screenshot, in this section, you can manage the Users. Do you want to remove any one User, you can do it and also You can see each user Record such as User Name, Password, Email, and Gender.

College Management System Discussion


Finally, The Last Section Discussion Form. If you have any question which is related to the Application, you ask the question using Discussion Form.

However, Above mentioned pictures with short description related College Management System in PHP and MySQL Database. You download this project on below.

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Furthermore, I have included below video tutorial. You can watch it, then you will understand how you can setup in Personal Computer. I have already mentioned how you can run the project, but this video tutorial very helpful and beneficial for you to setup the Database and Also Project.

Thanks for Visit and Watch the Complete video. I hope you have learned as well. Kindly, share on my content/course on social networks.

If you have any question/suggestion about this topic, kindly submit a single comment or email me. I will reply with your answer maximum 24 hours. Subscriber my Social Networks Pages and Email for getting updates. Thanks for the read and watch my video Tutorial.

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