How to Use Trigger in SQL Server Tutorial


Today We Will Learn How to Use Trigger in SQL Server, the trigger is very helpful to use any condition or display any message on your demand. For Example, we are making a Table and insert a record simply, then we will check our table using “Select” query Alright. But, if you want to perform any operation to insert a record in your table, then you can use Trigger for display any message to insert a record in a table.

However, Trigger is used with ATM Machine Applications, if you used ATM Machine for withdrawing money. You will understand as well about Trigger.  You will Withdraw Money from ATM Machine, your account balance is $500. And you will withdraw money $550 then ATM Machine Displayed Message on Your Screen, You have enough Money. After ATM Machine Automatically Kick out your ATM Card, that’s trigger work on ATM Machine Application backend.


Furthermore, I have made the video tutorial on this topic, you can learn completely usage Trigger in SQL Server, but you have good knowledge about SQL Server. In this tutorial, you will learn Insert, Update, and Delete Trigger in SQL Server with Examples.

Trigger in SQL Server with Examples:

First of All, We are require to make a table, then we will make a trigger perform operation on this table, So, below I have shared Queries to Make a Table in SQL Server.

Above Query is simple to make a table in SQL Server, after that, you will make trigger display message or use conditions as well, below queries to Make a Trigger, Alter Trigger and Drop Trigger

Alter Trigger in SQL Server :

Delete Trigger in SQL Server :

If you want to delete trigger using Query, below I have shared delete trigger query. Above I have already shared to Make a Trigger and Alter Trigger.

Furthermore, If You face any problem to understand above methods, Kindly Watch on my video tutorial, I have shared on below, you can watch and get ideas about Trigger. Basically, I have explained one by one usage  trigger in SQL Server.

How to Use Trigger in SQL Server Tutorial

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