Student Registration System in C# Source Code


Hello Everybody, I hope you all of fine, recently I have made a project namely Student Registration System in C#. It has developed this project with the help of C# Forms Application and SQL Server Database. In this application, you store Student Records, Teacher Records, Fees Record and you can generate the reports with help of Crystal reports.

Basically, more than beginners or learners they are learning C# Windows Form Application, they are facing problems to design an application and also database. Because first time everyone got many difficulties to develop an application.


So, I want to you will learn how to design an application and also database. I have shared the project on below section with futures, you can download this project, and then you will get a lot of new ideas about Application Development.

Student Registration System Project

In this system, I have included Administrator and User Role. The administrator adds, update, delete and view Users, but User can’t use these futures. Without Administrator any user login the system, then who will use the Student, Teacher and Fees Form.

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However, that doesn’t enough for beginners. I have used many tactics. Which is helpful and beneficial for everyone. In this application, I have used simple and clear C# codes. I don’t use misused C# codes, C# codes are helpful to you.

Furthermore, I have included the SQL Server database to store the application data. I have used basic queries, queries written file attached in this project. You need to download this project, then you need to open SQL server file and run one by one query.

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Then you will be able to run the Application as well, without running the SQL Server Queries you can’t run the Application. So, Must be run the SQL Server queries one by one. After running the project, you can use the application.

If you are a student, you can get a lot of ideas How to Design an Application Database and Also Application. In this Application, I have used Framework, which is used to design an application. After using Framework your Application looking so beautiful and professional.

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However, I have shared the Video Tutorial on below, you can watch the futures available in this application. Then you can easily understand what you will get in this application? So, Kindly Watch the Complete Video.

Student Registration System in C#


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