School Management System in C#.NET & SQL Server


School Management System Developed in C#.NET & SQL Server, in this Application you will maintain School record. There are many facilities in this application, you can use this application and save much time.

School Management System one of the most usable application software. You have seen many private or non-private Schools using this application. So, I want to share complete project, you can download this project on below section.

In this Application have many facilities such as Registration, Student Profile, Employee Profile, Salary Payment etc. These futures help you to manage record, you can use any facilities as you require. You Can Easily Add, Update, Delete, View, and Search Record as well. These are common options, these options available everyone applications.


School Management System Project in C#

If you studying in a programming language, you will get help to build a project. Newbies students facing problems to develop an application, but this application is completed you can download this application and get ideas about it.

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After that, I hope you will build an application as well. This Application is written in C# 4.0, if you have good knowledge another programming language such as PHP, Java or any other, you can develop applications as you like programming.

School Management System in C#.NET 

If you start a School System, I prefer you must use School Management Application, then your record maintains as well. Otherwise, you will build a record start to end. After that, you will easily save much time and find any student or teachers record as well.

What is Benefits to Use School Management System?

First of All, your complete record secures in Single Application, second are you can find any student, teacher or any other staff record as well. Third are is you save much time versus manually record keeping and much more benefits to using School System.

How to Create School Management System?

First of All, you have good knowledge of any programming language such as Java, C#, PHP, ASP or any other. Then you will build an application as well. But you should learn any one programming language. If you choose Java, you will build a Desktop Application as well, if you want to make web application I prefer you should learn C# ASP.NET or PHP.

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In this Application Top 10 Main Menus, and Also Sub Menus Attached each Menu. I have included below detail wise you can see here than you will get more ideas about this application.

School Management System Futures:

Login Information: 

User TypeUser NamePassword
Account OfficerAccount Officer12345




Software Management System Developed by Vaibhav, If you want to make another professional application, you can contact on below: