Top 5+ Progress Bars in CSS3 and JQuery


Hello, Everyone, I hope you all of fine, Today I will share top 10 progress bars in CSS3 and Jquery. Which is used to design website, web application or application forms. It has developed in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/Jquery. There are a lot of designs, but I have found professional Progress bars, which are a help to design your webforms.

If you want to develop any progress bar, the design or developing take a couple of time. So, Do you want to save your important time, I prefer you need to select any design or template. Then include on your project that’s simple.

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Progress BarsYou are a student to learn how I can develop them? First of all, you have good knowledge HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/Jquery. Then you will able to design or develop progress bars or any other things. There are different designs template such as Circle Progress Bar, Pie Progress Bar, and Animated Progress Bar etc.

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Below, I have shared one by one Progress Bar with a short description. You can see on below, then you will select any one as you like and finally use it on a personal project.

Circle Progress Bar in CSS

Progress bar above-mentioned picture, you can see the progress bar demo. It developed purely CSS3, you can download and use it for any personal project as well.


Animated Step Progress Bar


Animated Step Progress Bar it was developed in CSS3 and JavaScript. You have seen many websites using above progress bar to complete the process. So, You can this progress bar on a personal project as well, below I have shared the download link of this project.


Circular Progress Bar With JavaScript


Circular Progress Bar it is written in purely CSS3 and JavaScript. It has worked with different ways, you can download and use on project free of cost. Below I have shared the link of this project, you can follow the link and Download It Free of Cost.



Animated Pie Circle Progress Bar


Animated Pie Circle Progress bar, It is another professional and beautiful Pie Circle Progress Bar. It developed in HTML5 and CSS3. You download it and use on the project as well. Below I have shared the link of this project, you can download it.


Colorful Progress Bars in CSS3 and JavaScript


I have shared many progress bars on above section. But It is different for each progress bar. You can design your own colors as you like, you need to change the color codes. Then you will use it on a project, It is free you can download it on below. I have the link of this project.


Colorful Pure CSS Progress Bars 

Pure-CSS-Progress-Bars-ColorfulThis is another colorful Pure CSS Progress Bar. You can use it on a personal project as well. Below I have shared the link of this project.


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