How to Install Metro Framework in Visual Studio


Hey, everyone, I hope you all of fine, in this tutorial, we will learn How to Install Metro Framework in Visual Studio. When you will create an application with the help of C#, you will design an Application using installed toolboxes. Do you know about Metro Framework, It is one of the best frameworks.

Which is used to design UI Applications with the help of Metro Framework in C#. It is the free tool you can download and install on a personal project, then you will able to use Metro Framework toolboxes. It will allow using Metro Framework Toolboxes to design UI Applications.

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Metro Framework in Visual StudioI have been making applications for two years with help of C# and SQL Server. Usually, I have used Metro Framework to design UI Applications as well, So, I want to you will learn How You can Download & Install it on a personal project.

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How to Download Metro Framework Toolbox

Before Download Metro Framework, you need to create a Project in Visual Studio. Then you will be able to download Metro Framework.

Create-a-Project-in-C#Once you create a project, then you go to Solution Explorer Right Click on the project then Manage NuGet Packages.

go-to-Manage-NuGet-PackagesThen you will redirect another namely NuGet Package Manager. You need to Search “Metro Framework”, then select Metro Framework to Download & Install.

Search-Metro-FrameworkThen you will see Two Options Preview Popup Box and License Agreement. You need to Click OK and Accept Button Now. Then wait a couple of seconds to Install Metro Framework, after completing installation you need will see Successfully Installed.


Then you need to change the inheritance, I have mentioned above code. You can see the Inheritance has changed. Then you will need to import the Metro Framework Toolboxes.

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How to Upload Metro Framework Toolbox

Once the installation has completed, then you will be to import the Metro Framework Toolboxes. Go to left Side Toolbox Panel and Right Click on General Tab. Then you will see many options you need to Click Add Tab, enter any name as you like.

Add-Tab-in-ToolboxThen you will need to Right Click on you have entered a name. I have entered name “Metro Tool” right click it and select Choose Option.


Then you will need to Click on Browse Button and Go to Project Location.


Then you need to find “MetroFramework.dll” File. It automatically added after installing MetroFramework.

My Project Location is C:\Users\Programmer Asif\Documents\Visual Studio 2015 \ Projects \ MetroFrameworkDemo\packages\MetroFramework.RunTime.\lib\net40-Client.


Once the Metro Framework File added. Then you need to Click OK Button. Then you will see Metro Toolboxes available in Metro Tool Tab.


However, I have made a video tutorial, the video is helpful and beneficial for everyone. You can watch the video, then you will easily understand it.

How to Install Metro Framework in Visual Studio

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