How to Make Pagination in Php with MySQL Video Tutorial


Hey Guys, Hope You All of fine, in this tutorial We Will learn How to Make Pagination in Php with MySQL Video Tutorial.  Do you want to develop any web application using PHP and MySQL, you need to Make Pagination.  Basically, Users using Pagination to move on another page easily.

If you visited more than websites, after complete the home page, you can see the Number of Pages Available on the bottom. It called Pagination, So, Do you want to make Pagination in PHP with MySQL Database, and I will teach you how you can do that?

How to Make Pagination in PHPFurthermore, More than PHP Developers design the Pagination in PHP using different ways. If you are PHP developers or learners, you know everyone developers using different tactics to complete any task. I am also Programmer, So, I will teach easy and simple methods, you can use it to Make Pagination in PHP.

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How to Make Pagination In Php Mysql

Lets’ Get Started to Make Pagination in PHP, First of All, you need to Create Database, tables and Insert the Manual Records in the Database Tables. In my case I have made the Database “PHP Tutorials” My Table Name is “Employees”. Below I have shared the Screen short, you can see it and then follow it.


After Creating the Database, Table and Also Insert the Records in the Tables. You need to do, Make a Connection Between PHP and MySQL.

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Then you need to display the Database Records in the Browser. So, I have made the complete codes, I have shared on the below, you can see it.

Now, After complete above process, then you can see the Pagination in the Browsers. In this codes, you can see the Number Five, I want to display record Per Page 05. Do you want to increase, just need to change the Number that’s it.

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However, I have made the complete video tutorial on this topic. It will help you to understand how you can do that step by step. So, I prefer you must watch Complete Video.

How to Make Pagination in Php with MySQL

After watching the complete video, I hope you can do that. In this tutorial, you will learn How to display Records in the HTML Tables. After displaying the Records in the HTML Tables, then you will learn How to Make Pagination.

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So, I have shared the codes and Also Video Tutorial. If you face any problem, kindly comment me on below comment section, after receiving your comment, I will contact you very soon.

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