How to Make Backup & Restore MySQL Database Tutorial


Hello Everyone, I hope you all of fine, today we will learn How to Make Backup MySQL Database Video Tutorial. Database backup is very important to Website Owner or Developers, sometimes we are facing many problems. So, we must be created Website Backup and also Database.

I have seen more than users using WordPress Blogs, WordPress is a Content Management System. The Complete WordPress sites file stored Online Server or Web Hosting. After Installing WordPress our Website Database automatically created.

Backup MySQL DatabaseSo, we need to make Backup MySQL Database and also Website Weekly Basis or Monthly Basis. If you have any other Web Application in PHP Programming language, you can also same methods to Make Backup MySQL Database.

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Basically, There many Databases available, but each database working each programming. For Example, I will make a Web Application with the help of C# NET. So, I will use SQL Server Database to Store Whole Web Application Data.

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If, I will make Web Application with the help of PHP Programming. So I will use MySQL Database to Store Whole Web Application Files Write. If you will make a Website with the help of WordPress, Joomla or Drupal in the back end your files stored in the MySQL Database.

How to Make Backup MySQL Database PhpMyAdmin

In this Tutorial, You will learn How to Make Backup MySQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin. First of all, you need to Login Your CPANEL. Then You need to Find Database Panel, Below I have shared the Screenshot.

Database-PanelThen you need to Click PhpMyAdmin Database. Then you will redirect with Database Panel.


Then you will redirect another page like PHPMyAdmin. In this Page, you can see many databases and also many Options.

MySQL-Database-PhpMyAdminThen you need to click Each Database, which is important for you to make a backup. After Click Each Database you need to Click Export Button.


Then you need to Click Go button, after clicking Go Button. Your Selected Database download on Your PC within few seconds. Don’t change any other options.


After complete above all process, you have successfully made a specific database backup.

How to Restore MySQL database in Cpanel

First of All, you need to Login CPANEL, then you need to Go PhpMyAdmin. Then Select Import Option, then you can see the Choose File Option. Click it and find the database do you want to import on the CPanel. Then you need to Click Go Button, that’ it.

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However, above all about How to Make Backup MySQL Database and Also Restore. There is few simple process, I hope you are understood as well.

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Now, I have made a Video Tutorial on this topic. Kindly Watch on complete video, I have mentioned each way to Make Backup MySQL Database and Also Restore. I hope Video Tutorial is helpful and beneficial for you.

How to Make Backup MySQL Database Tutorial

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