Login Page in PHP and MySQL with Source Code


Today I’m going to show you Login Page in PHP with Database namely MySQL with Source Code. Login Page or Login Form very importantly to develop a web application or desktop application. If you want to develop a web application or desktop application, First of All, you need to develop Login Page with Database.

I don’t confirm what are you using programming to develop applications, but must make a Login Page. Then you will redirect to Main Application Page. So, If you have ideas about Make a Login Form with help of Any Programing Language Such as PHP, C#, Python and Java that’s great.

Login Page in PHP

In this article, you will get login Form in php with database source code, the complete project attached in Zipping file. You just need to download the project and review it. After that, you will get more ideas about Login Form in PHP and MySQL.

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Basically, more than beginners in PHP programming language, they are facing many problems to develop any web application or web with Database. So, I recommend they are Download any PHP project with Database. After that, they get ideas on it.

How to Design Login Form in PHP

Recently, I have made the video tutorial to design Login Form in PHP with the help of HTML5 and CSS3. If you want to learn How Can You Design Login Page in PHP. I have shared below video tutorial you can learn it step by step.

After learning Login Form in PHP, you are able to use PHP and MySQL to Develop Dynamically Login Form. I have also made the video tutorial, you can learn how can you develop personal login form in Php MySQL Database.

How to Develop Login in PHP with MySQL Database

Login Page in PHP with Database Source Code

I will share Login Page in PHP with Database Source Code on below, you need to download it. After Download this project you need to extract it. After Extract the Login Page in PHP Project you can see many files with Extensions PHP, CSS3 and Database File.

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You need to Copy the Complete Folder without SQL File and Paste with htdoc Folder. After that you need to import Database, First of All, go to MySQL and Create a Database with Login Name and Import the Login Database that’s it.

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However, these all about Login Page in PHP and MySQL with Source Code Project. The project will help you to make a new Login Form with the different design. I hope you understand as well. If you have any question/suggestion about this topic, kindly comment me on below comment section. After receiving your Email or Comment I will contact you very Soon.

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