How to Make Login Form in Java with MySQL Tutorial


Hey, Everybody, I hope you all of fine, in this tutorial, we will learn to Make Login Form in Java with MySQL Tutorial. I have seen more than beginners or learners they are facing many problems to develop Java Swing Application.  If you have designed any application with the help of Java Programming using Net Bean. You need to make a login form with the database.

Basically, Mostly Java Developers or Learners Using Net Bean to Develop Applications. Net Bean is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is used to write Java Programming and Also Design Java Applications.

Login Form in JavaThere are a lot of IDEs, which is used different purpose. So, we will use Net Bean to Design and Develop Login Form in Java. If you are using any other IDE such as Eclipse etc. You can use follow programming methods, I don’t have any ideas Java Swing in Eclipse.

Login Form In Java Netbeans With Database

First of All, you need to create a project into NetBeans Software. Then you need to make connection Java NetBeans with MySQL. If you have knowledge Java Database Connectivity into MySQL database, you will learn Login Form in Java With Database.

If you don’t have any ideas in Java Database Connectivity, Kindly Watch My Previous Video.  After database connectivity, you need to make Two Java Class Files and One Java JFrame. Then you need to design Java JFrame as you like.

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I have designed Java JFram very simple, I have used Two Text Boxes and One Button. So, We Will use them in this tutorial. Below I have shared the Database Connectivity Code, you can Copy it and Paste with the Personal project.

Above mentioned codes all about Java database connectivity with MySQL. I have already upload MySQL Connector Java Library, you need to import the library in the personal project.

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After connecting database, you need to make a Class enter the name as you like. I have made Class Namely BEANLOGIN, in this class I have used setter and getter to set and get values.

Then You need to Make another class and write any name as you like. I have written class name is LOGINDDL, In this file, I have written all codes. Basically the all codes used to match record with the database.

Above mentioned codes, you can see four values available in the database. But we will check Only U_Name & Password Values. Some any users recover the password. So, I have used Email and Also Mobile Number.

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Then We Need to Make Java JFrame and Design Simple Form. I have two Textboxes and One Button, I already told you on above, below I have shared the codes. You can see on below.

That’s it, Now, After completing above all process. Then your Login Form has successfully created, then you can check it as well.

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