Java Swing Look and Feel Tutorial


Hello everybody, I hope you all of fine, in this tutorial, we’ll learn Java Swing Look and Feel. The default Java Applications is not looking beautiful or professional, but you have added the library Look and Feel. Then apply on Java Applications, then your applications looking so beautiful and professional.

Java Swing means Java Design portion or design pattern in Java. You can create a Java Application using Net Bean or Any Other editor as well. The Java Design Patterns or Tools available in Net Bean Editor, you can use them for the different purpose.

Java-Swing-Look-and-FeelI have been using Net Bean to Developing Java Applications for 02 years. So, I will tell you how you can use Java Swing Look and Feel to make a professional application. There are many editors available, but more than users using Net Bean IDE.

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Net Bean is an IDE or Software, which is used to write the Codes and Design the Applications. You can download & Install Net Bean, then you are able to write the codes and Design Applications. Net Bean is free IDE, you can download it from Net Bean Official Website.

Java Custom Look And Feel

First of all, you need to create a project using Net Bean Application. After creating the project, you need to create a JFrame Form and design it as you like.

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Then you need to Download Jtattoo from Jtatoo Official Website. Below I have shared the screenshot, you can see on below.

Download-JtattooThen you need to copy downloaded Jtatto File and paste into Java with Project Folder.

paste-jtatto-file-in-java-project-folderThen you need to open net Bean Click on Project, you can see Libraries Folder. You need to Right Click on Libraries Folder and Select Third Option Add JAR/Folder. Then go to Project Folder and Upload Jtatto Downloaded File.

upload-jtatto-fileThen you need to go to Source Code on the Project. Then Write below Codes, then your applications looking professional and beautiful as well.

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After the Plaf Word, you can see many designs you can select any one as you.


Java Swing Look and Feel Tutorial

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