Java Database Connectivity with MySQL Tutorial


Today I’m going to show Java Database Connectivity with MySQL, are you beginners or you learn in Java, you must learn Connectivity. That’s very important to develop an application with the help of Java & MySQL Database.

MySQL is a database which is used to store a Data. You can use Java Programming and MySQL Database to develop Applications as well. But you have good knowledge Java Programming. However, I will tell you Java Database Connectivity with MySQL.

Java database Connectivity

There are many Popular Databases available such as Oracle Database, SQL Server etc on the web. But MySQL Database connectivity easy versus another database. You don’t require to learn any Database, you just have good knowledge programming.

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MySQL database on the most popular Database, you can use many programming languages such as PHP, Java to develop applications as well. More than PHP developers using MySQL database to develop a Web Applications.

How to Connect Mysql Database in Java Using NetBeans.

I will tell how you can Connect MySQL Database in Java Using NetBeans. First of All, you need to Download MySQL connect namely JDBC Driver for MySQL (Connector/J) From MySQL Official Website.


After Download Connector, you need to make a Project in Java Using NetBeans. Then Copy MySQL Connector and Paste with Java Project Folder you have made.


I have made DemoConnectivity Project and Destination Selected Desktop. So I need to Copy MySQL Connector and Paste with DemoConnectivity Project.


Then Open NeatBean and Go to Project>Libraries Right Click>Add JAR/FOLDER Import Connector JDBC Driver. I have imported below Screenshot attached.


After imported you need to make a Database, I have made Database Namely connectingjava. After that you need to make a Table, I have made a Table Namely DemoConnecting. That’s it below I have shared script of the connectivity. You can see and get ideas about it.

Java database Connectivity with MySQL Tutorial

These all codes are using in NetBean, You can use this code to Insert, Update, Delete and View Record as Well.

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