How to Download & Install SQL Server 2014 Video Tutorial


I’m going to show you How to Download & Install SQL Server 2014, SQL stands for Structure Query Language. SQL is a Database Management System, which is used to Store Desktop or Web Application Data. If you want to develop a web application or desktop application with the help of C#, you must use SQL Server for store the record.

SQL introduced by Microsoft, their many version such as 2005, 2008, 2008R, 2014 and finally 2016 launched recently. These versions available in the marketplace, you can choose anyone to learn SQL Server as well.

Install SQL Server

SQL Server is a very helpful to develop the web application or desktop application with the help of C#. C# is one the most popular programming language, It is also introduced by Microsoft. You can learn C# and Also SQL Server then you will develop desktop or web applications as Well.

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There are many other Databases available Such as Oracle, MySQLi, SQL Lite, Maria Database on the web, but they used with different programming languages. If you want to learn C# programming I prefer first you learn SQL Server.

How to Install SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

However, I will tell you How You Can Download and Install SQL Server on Personal Computer.  First, you need to Download SQL Server from Microsoft Official Website. After that Extract Setup, then Open SQL Server Extracted Folder, Double Green Icon Namely Setup.

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You will show Two Links New SQL Server or Upgrade. If you have installed any previous version of SQL Server, you simply click the second Link, if you don’t have installed any SQL Server Version, just click the First Link. Then SQL Server automatically checks the updates, simply uncheck “Include SQL Server Product updates”.

Then, You Will See  Two Options First is “Perform a New Installation of SQL Server 2014” and the second one is “Add Features to an Existing Instance of SQL Server 2014”. You Simply check the First Option and Click Next Button.

After that Check to Accept the Licenses Terms, and Click Next Button. Then Choose Path as you Want to Install SQL Server, and Select Features as you want to download, but I recommended Don’t un-check Features and Click to next Button.

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After Complete the above process, you see another option such as Default Instance & Named Instance Options, Select Second Option is Enter  Any Name. Then you jumped Server Configuration page, don’t change anyone else, Click to Next Button.

Then, You jumped Database Engine Configuration Page, If you want to connect SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, you don’t change any option. But if you want to use username and password, select the second option and enter a password. But SQL Server default included Your Computer Name, you can remove it and add a personal name.

Now, that’s it these are the simple process to Install SQL Server on Personal Computer. Follow on my Instructions, you will download and install SQL Server as well. If you face any problem, kindly watch a video tutorial on this topic. The video tutorial is helpful and beneficial for you.

Download & Install SQL Server 2014 Video Tutorial

After watch video I hope you have learned something new about it. If you have question/suggestion kindly comment me on below comment section. I will reply to you very soon. Thanks for the watch and visit my blog keep touch my blog.