How to Download & Install Python on Windows


Today I’m going to show you How to Download & Install Python on Windows, Python is one of most Object Oriented programming language. Python was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991. Python is generally used High-Level Programming Language use for common purpose. There are a lot of Programming Languages such as C#, PHP, Java etc.  But, Python syntax is codes different versus other programming languages.

If you want to learn Python you need to Download and Install Python on Windows. After Download & Install Python you can run Python Programs on Windows as well. There are few simple steps to Download & Install Python on Windows.

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Install Python on Windows

If you used Java Programming language, you need to Download JDK (Java Development Kit).  Then you need to Configure Environmental variable, then you run the Java Programming on Windows, but Python Installation process very simples. You don’t need to configure Environmental Variable, just Download Python on Official Python Website and Install on Windows easily.

How to Install Python on Windows

First of All you need to Download Python from Python Official Website, below screenshot attached.


After that Go to Download Tab, Select Windows for Example I’m using Windows 10. So I need to Select Windows Link.


After Click Windows Link, you jumped another Page, you can see many setups. You just need to Download Windows x86-x64 Executable Installer.


After Download Double Click on Python Installer, You will see Two Options. First is Run Button & Cancel Button, Click Run Button Now.  After that you can see “Install Now” & “Customize Installation” Below Add Python 3.5 PATH Option. You Need to Check Path and Click “Install Now”.


After that Installation processing, wait few minutes. After that Python Install on your Computer as well, these are few steps to Download & Install Python on Windows. Here Installation Screenshot Attached.


After Complete Installation, Go to Start Menu and Search Python. After Search You Can See IDLE (Python 3.5 x64Bit or x86Bit) Second is Python 3.5 (64 Bit). Basically, You can Choose Anyone as you like. After Open anyone, you can Run the Python Code as Well.

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After Open IDLE, You can run the Python Programm as Well, But Second Python 3.5 is a Console Mode Programm. There are No Any different. below I have attached First Run the Python Programm, Screen Shot Attached.

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That’s it to Download & Install Python on Windows, I hope you are understood as well. If you have any question/suggestion about this topic. Kindly Submit a Comment on below Comment Section, I will reply to you Very Soon.

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