Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox Step by Step Video Tutorial


Hello Everybody, I hope you all of fine, in this tutorial, we will learn How We Can Install Kali Linux on Virtual Box. If you are using Operating Systems such as Windows or Mac and do you want do Install Kali Linux on Personal Computer? You can do that.

Kali Linux is one of the most popular operating systems. Basically, Ethical Hackers mostly using Kali Linux operating system. There are many other Linux operating system available like Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Deepin, Fedora etc. Kali Linux powerful and most securable operating system.

Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox

If you want to learn or working Ethical Hacking Topic, you need to Install Kali Linux on your System. If you have already installed any other Windows of OSx, you can install third-party tools namely Virtual Box or any other. Then you can use third party tool like Virtual Box to Install Kali Linux or any other windows as well.

How to Install Kali Linux On Virtualbox Windows 10

Now, I’m using Windows 10 if you have any other windows like 7, 8.1 you can use the same method to install Kali Linux.  Let’s get started to Install Kali Linux on VirtualBox. First of All, you need to Download and Install Virtual Box, I have mentioned download link of virtual box, you can download the VB.

Download VirtualBox

Then, we need to Install Virtual Box. The Virtual Box Installation process is easy, you need to Open the Executable file, then click next select path or location as want to install your computer hard drive that’s it.

Once the Virtual Box installed, then the next you need to do Download Kali Linux. First of All, you need to Open Your Favorite Browser and search on the Address Bar Kali Linux. Then you will be able to see many websites appeared on the Search Engine.


I have mentioned screenshot on above, you need to open second website namely offensive-security. Then you are able to see Official Website of Kali Linux.  In this website, you need to go to below, then you are able to see Kali Linux Downloadable Files Available.


Above mentioned screen short, you can see the Kali Linux Versions. You can select any one version as like, after selecting Kali Linux Version. The Kali Linux downloading automatically start, you need to wait. It will take one hour or a couple of minutes, it depends on your internet speed.


The Kali Linux downloaded file appeared in the above screenshot.  The File Extension is.OVA. The next step you need to open Virtual Box go to File Option and Select Import Appliance Option


Once the Select Import Appliance Option, then you will redirect another window. You need to import Kali Linux downloaded the file, which available in Your Computer Harddrive.


Once the import.OVA File, you need to Click Next and Import. Then you need wait couple of minutes. Then you are able to see Kali Linux Included in your Virtual Box.

How to Configure Virtual Machine

Now, We Need to Setup Our Virtual Box or Machine to Install Kali Linux on Our Virtual Machine. It is very important to configure it. Let’s get started to setup it.

Select-Virtual-Box-Setting-OptionThen, you are able to Many Options, which used to install Kali Linux on your Virtual Box. You need to Select System Tab. In this tab, You will be to see Three Tabs Like Motherboard, Processor and Also Accelerator. 

You Need to Configure Method board Tab. You need to Assign Ram to Kali Linux. The Kali Linux Minimum Ram require 1GB or 1024 MB.  If you have more than Ram you can assign maximum 2Gb or 4GB.


Then, you need to select Process Tab. In this tab, you need to assign a process to Kali Linux. The Minimum Process Kali Linux supported 1 process, If you have more than process, you can assign more than 2.


Finally, You need to select USB and Select USB 1.1. Then you need to Click OK Button, then your virtual box configuration successfully configured for Kali Linux. If you want to configure another setting like Storage, Audio, Network etc you can do that.


Then, you are able to run the Kali Linux Setup to Install on your Virtual Box or Machine. You need to Select Kali Linux and Click Start Button. 

Then you need to wait a couple of seconds. Then Kali Linux Setup is running now, then you need to enter User Name. The User Name is root and finally, you need to Enter Password. The Password is toor. that’s it, we have successfully installed Kali Linux on Virtual Box.

Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox Video Tutorial

However, I have made a video tutorial, you can watch it to get more ideas. I have mentioned above everything you need to do to Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox. The Same instructions available in the video tutorial.

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