How to Download & Install Crystal Reports For Visual Studio


In this tutorial, we will Learn How to Download & Install Crystal Reports for Visual Studio. If you want to Install Crystal Reports for Visual Studio, you have Installed Visual Studio, then you are able to Install Crystal Reports.

The Install process is same for all Visual Studio Versions, Crystal Reports supported Visual Studio version is Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013 and Finally Visual Studio 2015. If you have installed above mentioned any version you can Install and use Crystal Reports as well.

Crystal Reports For Visual StudioCrystal Reports one of the best report generating tool, which is used to generate applications data reports. Programmers easily generate reports with help of Crystal Reports with minimum time period. After Installing Crystal Reports, it will automatically appear in Visual Studio.

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In this tutorial, you will learn How to Download & Install Crystal Reports, First of all, you need to Download Crystal Reports. I have mentioned Download Link, you just click and redirect with another page. Then you need to select the latest version.

Download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio

After the click above link, you can see many links on this page, I’m using Visual Studio 2015. I have Downloaded & Installed Support Pack 20, do you have installed the same version you can download it.

Select-SAP-Crystal-Report-VersionHow to Install Crystal Reports For Visual Studio

Once the download is completed, then you need to open folder as you download the Crystal Report. Then Double of Downloaded File, then you will see Installation Startup with unzipping.

One the unzip is complete you will see popup box, you need to select the language.

Select-LanguageThen you will see SAP Crystal Report Installation Welcome Screen as shown below, you need to Click Next Button.

Then you will see License Agreement Page, you need to Click Accept Radio Button and Click Next. Then you will see another SAP Crystal Report Installation, Guide Page. You need to Click Next. Then you the setup will take several minutes to finish.

Read-Agreement-and-Click-Accept-ButtonOnce the Installation is done, you will see Finally Crystal Report Setup Screen. Screenshot attached, you can see on below.

Final-Screen-of-Crystal-ReportsOnce the Installation has completed, you need to restart the Computer. Then you need to open Visual Studio, create a new or project or open New Project.

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Then Go to  Solution Bar and Right Click it. Then Go to New Item, then you will see Crystal Reports Option and Icon Displayed.

However, I have made a video tutorial, you can also watch it, I hope the video is helpful and beneficial for everyone.

Install Crystal Reports For Visual Studio Tutorial


After installing Crystal Reports on Visual Studio, you need to learn How Can You Use it, to Generate the Reports with PDF Document or Print the Application Data.

You know, Reporting is very important to use in the Application, after creating the application in C# Windows Form Application and Also Database, you need to do Include the Reporting Functionality.

It is very important for the professional application.  So you have the knowledge to Generate Reports using Crystal Reports that great, otherwise. I have made a complete video tutorial, you can learn How to Use Crystal Reports to Generate the Reports.

Generate Reports Using Crystal Reports

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