How to Download & Install Android Studio Tutorial


I’m going to show How to download & Install Android Studio, Android Mobiles one of the most useable around the world. In this time everyone learns Android, but newbies or beginners learning other programming languages such as C#, PHP Programming etc.

Basically, these programmings are very helpful and beneficial for us, to develop Mobile Application, Desktop Application & Web Application. Java programming one of the most popular programming, you can develop Android Application with the help of Java.


How to Install Android Studio on Windows 10

If you have installed Windows 7,8, or 10 first you need to Download & Configure JDK then you will Download Android Studio. After that, you will Install Android Studio on Windows 7,8 or 10 as well.

Windows Requirements:

  • Minimum 3GB Ram recommended 8GB Ram
  • 2GB Harddrive Space Minimum 4GB Recommended.
  • Screen Resolution 1280×800 Minimum
  • Windows Must be x64 Bits.

Android applications running around the world, millions Android Mobile Users using Android Application. Millions of Android Developers making different Android Apps. So, if you want to develop Android Application, first you need to learn Java. Then you will easily understand Android Apps Programming.

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However, I don’t go too deep on programming or android. Just I will tell you if you interested in Android fields, you must learn Java then you will easily learn to Develop Android Apps. In this tutorial, I will tell how you can download and Install Android Studio.

Android Studio is an IDE, which is used to develop and display Android Applications on your computer. You can use Android Studio to develop and Display Android Applications as well. There are many other IDEs available, but different IDs use for different purpose.

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If you want to learn Android first you need to download & install Android Studio. I will tell you to step by step how you can do it? First of All, you will download and configure JDK stand for Java Development Kit, JDK is use to run the java program then you will download Android Studio from Android Official Website.

After That, You first need to install and Configure JDK, then you will run the setup of Android Studio. After Run Android Studio Setup, you just choose a path as you want to install Android Studio and Click Next Button. That’s very simple Installation Process, you can do it as well.

Now, if you face any problem I have shared a video tutorial on this topic on below. You can watch and learn completely. After watch video tutorial I hope you are able to Install & Configure JDK and Also Android Studio.

How to Download & Install Android Studio Tutorial

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