How to Find Long Tail Keywords Video Tutorial


Today we will learn How to Find Long Tail Keywords, there are two types of Keywords Short term Keyword and second is Long Term Keyword. Long Term Keywords you can easily rank a Google, but short term keyword doesn’t rank on Google easily. If you want to rank keywords on Google easily. You can rank a short term keyword, but you will wait a long time, and make quality backlinks. Then you will rank a keyword.

Basically, Maximum Two Words Search on Google, that’s Short Term Keyword like “PHP Tutorial”, but you can be included one or two another word, that’s called long tail keywords like “PHP Tutorial for Beginners”. Furthermore, Mostly SEO expert using Paid tools, to find Long Term keywords, but today I will understand, How to find Long Tail Keywords without using paid Tools.


However, I am using these methods for find LT keywords and I have ranked keywords on Search Engines as well. So, I want to share this helpful knowledge for everyone. If you have a blog and you want to get more traffic, I recommended using LT Keywords.

How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

First, you create a mind to write an article any topic, for example, I want to write an article “Java Programming”. The second Step is type Keyword on Google “ Java Programming ”, then type keyboard space button, Google Automatically Display other keywords, which are searches on Google. For Example, I type “Java Programming” and I press keyword button Space Button, Google Display another Long Tail Keywords.

The second way is I search on Google “Java Programming”, then I will go to the bottom on Google, then Google displayed bundle of keywords, which are searches on Google. These keywords related for your keyword.

You have chosen any one keyword, then Go to Keyword Planner Tools for research a keyword, then you will know about monthly searches, keyword competition, and Suggest bid. That’s simple process to find Long Tail Keywords and check searches around the world.

However, I have made a video tutorial, if you face any problem to understand above ways, kindly watch my video tutorial, then you will understand as well. I hope video tutorial is helpful and most beneficial for you.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords Video Tutorial

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