How to Customize WordPress Theme Video Tutorial


Hope you all of fine, today we will learn How to Customize WordPress Theme in Video. WordPress Theme plays very important role to design your website. More than users using Paid WordPress Themes and many users using Free Themes.  I don’t know you are using Free of Paid Theme, but, I will teach you how you can customize Theme.

If you have paid theme or free, you need to follow my steps, then you are able to customize any WordPress Theme. Basically, there are many WordPress Premium Themes providing Personal Customization Pane, and More than free theme doesn’t provide Theme Panel.

Customize-WordPress-ThemeIn my case, I have been using WordPress Paid Theme Namely News Mag Theme for since a long time. Do you have another theme like Sahifa or Many Other Theme? You need to follow my instruction than you can easily do that.

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However, Any WordPress Theme easy to customize, but new users or beginners in this field. They don’t have any ideas or knowledge. So, those users or personal learn how to customize WordPress Theme step by step with the help of Video Tutorial.

How to Customize WordPress Blog/Theme

Guys, if you will learn setup WordPress Theme, then you are able to customize any WordPress Theme as well. Let’s get started to understand it. First of All, you need to buy a Theme or Download Theme from WordPress Theme Web sites.

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There are many WordPress Theme website running on the web namely Theme forest and MyThemeShop. That website most popular and more than bloggers buying a lot of WordPress Themes. You can also download Free Themes from MyThemeShop Website.

Then, you need to upload selected WordPress Theme on WordPress, after uploading WordPress Theme. Then you need to Active the WordPress Theme, then you are able to setup the WordPress Theme. In my case, I have bought WordPress Theme News Mag.

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NewsMag WordPress theme providing Personal Theme Panel, after uploading and Active WordPress Theme. I’m able to see the WordPress Theme Customization Panel. Below I have shared the Screenshot.


Then, you will redirect to Theme Panel Home Page. In this page, You can A lot of Theme Customization Options available.


In this Page, you can see many options like Header, Footer, Ads, Template etc. You can select one by one option, then you are able to setup it.

You need to setup one by one it depended on your mind or styling as you like. However, I have been using Blogging layout, So many bloggers using different WordPress Template with the different style.

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If you are beginners, I hope you are facing many problems to setup the WordPress, don’t worry, I will teach with the help of Video Tutorial.

Basically, I have made the complete video tutorial on this topic. Do you want to learn How to Customize WordPress Theme? Kindly watch Complete Video Tutorial, then you are able to Customize any WordPress Theme easily.

How to Customize WordPress Theme Video Tutorial

Guys, I hope you have learned something. Above mentioned video, I have mentioned each way to Customize WordPress Theme. If you like it, kindly share and like the content and Share with Social Networks.

If you have any question/suggestion, comment me or email, after receiving your email. I will help you to solve your problems. Thanks For Watching and Read the Complete Article.