How to Generate QR Code in C# Video Tutorial


Hello, everybody, I hope you all of fine, in this tutorial We Will Learn How to Generate QR Code in C# Windows Form Application. If you want to develop an application, and you will include new futures such QR Code Generate, QR Code Scanner, Reporting, etc.

After adding above and more futures in your application. You application looking so beautiful and helpful for Shopkeepers or Stores Owner. You will provide application any person or shopping malls, they are using your Application.

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Generate QR CodeYou have seen different digital or physical products. The Products supplier or creator, they are published QR Code on the Products. Then you don’t read it because it is hidden. Why they have published the Codes, I think products creators or companies, they don’t show product price or codes.

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But, do you have Android Mobile Device or QR Code Scanner Machine. You can use them to Scan QR Code as Well. However, it is very helpful to generate Secrete Codes or Price as you like, then you can easily Generate QR Code to known your Own Products.

How to Generate QR Code in C# Windows Form Application

First of All, you need to create a project in Windows Form Application C#. After creating a project, you need to enter the PictureBox, Text Input Field and Button. Then you need to go right Side Solution Section, Right Click on the Project File. Then Select Manage NuGet Packages.


Then you need you will redirect Manage NuGet Package Page. You need to Search “Zen BarCode” and select “Zen.Barcode.Rendering.Framework”. Then You can see right Side Install Button Click It.


Then wait a couple of seconds to Install Zen BarCode. Installation time you will see Two Options, you just Click OK Button Now that’s It.

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Then You need to Create an Event on Button, I have shared below the Screenshot of the project. You can see on below


Then You need write the code, I have mentioned code on below. you can see the codes, you need write the same code or copy and paste into a personal project.

Then you need to Run the Project and Enter Text or Number in Input Text Box. Then Click on Button, QRCode will display on Picture Box.


That’s above mentioned about Generate QR Code in C# Windows Form Application. Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial on this topic. You can watch the video then you will better understand it.

How to Generator QR Code Video Tutorial

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