How to Use Font Awesome Icons in Bootstrap 4


Hey Guys, Hope You All of fine, today we will learn How to Use Font Awesome Icons in Bootstrap 4. Basically, font awesome or glyphicon icons those are similar working on any Projects. But, Bootstrap 3 providing Glyphicon folder, you can easily use it. The Latest Bootstrap Version 4.0 recently released, in this version, has a lot of changes.

We will follow on Font Awesome Icons we don’t follow on another feature which available in the Bootstrap 4.0. Guys, Bootstrap 4.0 version has not provided the font awesome or Glyphicon. In this version, Glyphicon are paid, but Bootstrap 4.0 has many other features available, you can use anyone to use Font Awesome or Glyphicon on your project.

Font Awesome Icons

I have seen many tutorials available on Bootstrap. Mostly Online Instructor using Online Links to use Bootstrap Features like JavaScript Usage, Font Awesome or Glyphicon. It is not good for everyone, because Online Links getting much time to load the website, after opening the linkable website, then your website will appear on the webpage.

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So, I don’t use online source method, I know that’s not good for everyone. Sometime, you will face internet problem without an internet connection, you can’t design a website or web application. Furthermore, I have found a solution, you can follow my instructions, and then you are able to use Bootstrap each feature without using any Online Link.

How to Use Bootstrap Glyphicons

Let me show you, how can you do that? First of All, we need to Download Bootstrap 4.0 Version. That’s a simple process to download Bootstrap. Search on Google Bootstrap or Visit   Official Website, then you are able to see Download Button.  You need to Click Download Button, then you are able to see many Download Buttons and some instructions appeared.

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You need to find Compiled CSS and JS Version, under the version, you are able to see download Button, you need to Click Download Button. Then you are able to see Two Folders available namely CSS and JavaScript.

Then, you need to Open Your Favorite Code Editor. Then make a file .html and link with Bootstrap Files.CSS and JavaScript. After including JavaScript and CSS Files in the Project. You need to Download Font Awesome Icons. Let me Show, First of All, you need to Open Your Favorite Browser, then Search “Font-Awesome Github”.

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Then You are able to see many websites appeared on the Google Search Engine. You need to find GitHub Website In this website, you need to Download Complete Project. Then you are able to see many folders appeared under the Font-Awesome Folder.

You Need to Find Fonts Folder, Then Copy or Cut the Fonts Folder. Then Paste into Bootstrap Project, which is using. Then the next step, you need to find Font Awesome CSS File. Then you need to visit on this website you are able to see Font-Awesome Link appeared on the top.

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You need to Open it, then You Are Able to see Font-Awesome CSS Link appeared you need to Copy it and Paste into Browser Address Bar. Then you are able to see CSS Properties appeared on the Browser. Then you need to Copy All CSS Properties and Make another CSS Files in the Bootstrap Project, then paste the whole CSS Properties Code.

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Finally, You need to Link with Font-Awesome CSS File into .html File. That’s it,  then you are able to Use Font-Awesome Icons without facing any difficulties or without internet. However, Below I have shared the Video Tutorial, the  Same Instructions available in the video. You can watch my Complete Video Tutorial, then you will understand better than text instruction.

How to Use Font Awesome Icons in Bootstrap 4

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