C# Programming Tutorial for Absolute Beginners


Hey Guys, Hope you all of fine, today we will learn C# Programming Tutorial for  Beginners. You Know Programming fields one of the most important for build professional applications. Do you want to learn Programming to develop the professional application? First of All, you need to decide which programming language, you will learn. I mean decide which programming language you will learn.

Basically, there are a lot of Programming Languages Such as C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, C Programming, C++ etc. Each Programming language working process different, you can learn any one as you like.  However, I’m Programmer So, I learned many Programming languages and I made many Applications with the help of different Programming Languages.

C# Programming Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, I have made complete video series in C# Programming, you can learn step by step with practically If you want to learn C# Programming. Basically, C# Programming One of the most High-Level Programming Language, which is used to Develop Desktop and Web Applications.

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C# is purely Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP), it was developed in 1999 by Andres Hejlsberg. C# as a supplement to Microsoft NET Framework. The C# Starting name is C-Like, then changed the name of C#. Another important thing you need knows, C# is the latest version of C++.

C# Working process similar in Java Programming, But, you will face many problems in Java Programming. If you will develop an application with the help of Java Programming, it takes a lot of time and you can’t handle the Errors. But you will develop an Application with the help of C#, you can do that in short time without face any difficulties.

C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners

Guys, before learning C# Programming or any other High-Level Programming Language. I prefer you need to learn JavaScript and Also C Programming Language, then you are able to Learn C# Programming, Java or PHP Programming.

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If you don’t have any ideas or Knowledge in Programming Fields, you must learn JavaScript and C Programming.  It is very important to understand each way in High-Level Programming Language such as C#, Python, PHP etc.

If you learn directly High-Level Programming Languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Python etc. You can’t understand, and you will face many problems to understand it. However, a few Years Ago I’m also beginners in this fields.

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So, I learned JavaScript, C Programming after learning both programming languages. Then I got a lot of ideas in Programming, then I can’t face any problem to learn Java Programming, C# Programming or PHP. So, that’s very important to Learn JavaScript and C Programming for beginners or newbies, they are interested in Programming Fields.

C# Programming Tutorial for Beginners (OUTLINE)

In this course, you will learn Basic to Advance C# Programming, after learning C# Programming. Then you are able to develop Application with Database and without Database. I have mentioned different Projects with Database and without Database.

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Below, I have shared each topic, we will learn in this course. You can read each topic to get ideas on this course.

 Download & Install Visual Studio C# Syntax
 Comments Data Types and Variables
Type Casting Operators in C#
 Escape Sequence If Else If Statements
 Switch StatementsLoops
 ArraysClass & Objects
Polymorphism Inheritance
Delegate MethodsEnemas
Exception HandlingThreading
File HandlingWindows Form Application
Database ConnectivityInsert Update Delete & View (LINQ)
Insert Update Delete & View (String)Login Form With Database
Student Registration Form with Database And Much More


Above mentioned topics, we will learn step by step. So, I hope those topics are very important for beginners. However, I have made  C# Programming Tutorial for  Beginners video series.

I have shared complete video course on below. You can watch one by one video tutorial, after watching one video, you need to do practice on the personal computer.

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Then you are able to remember each code in C# Programming. After following my instructions, then you will are able to Develop Applications as soon as possible.

C# Programming Tutorial for Beginners


Guys, I hope you have learned something new on this course.  I have mentioned each way to learn C# Programming Tutorial for Beginners. If you like it, kindly share and like the content and Share with Social Networks.

If you have any question/suggestion, comment me or email, after receiving your email. I will help you to solve your problems. Thanks For Watching and Read the Complete Article.