How to Connect PHP to MySQL Video Tutorial


Today We Will Learn How to Connect PHP to MySQL Video Tutorial. PHP is server side scripting programming language. Which is used to develop web applications, PHP is one of the most popular OOP Object Oriented Programming Language.  There are many OOP programming languages, but PHP is an easy and flexible programming language.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Connect PHP to MySQL, after learning connectivity PHP to MySQL. Then you will be able to make a connection between PHP and MySQL. That’s very simple process to connect PHP with MySQL.

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Connect PHP to MySQLThere are many ways to connect PHP to MySQL, but I will tell you the easy way to Connect PHP to the database. After learning connectivity you need to learn How to Insert, Update, Delete, Search and View record. That’s very helpful and beneficial for you.

Database Connection in PHP with MySQL in XAMPP

First of All, you need to open XAMPP Server, and Open Text Editor. Then you need write the code, I have shared below code, you can use it to connect PHP to MySQL Database.

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The above codes it will help to connect PHP to MySQLL database. This is simple connectivity, now I will share another code on below. In this codes, you will see conditions will be applied. you can use any one as you like, but I have shared in this tutorial.

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I hope above-mentioned codes is helpful and beneficial to understand Connectivity. However, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, you can watch and learn step by step with practically.

How to Connect PHP to MySQL Video Tutorial

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