How to Build an Email List without Website Video Tutorial


Today We Will Learn How to Build an Email List without any Website. Emails are very important to promote any products or services using Email Marketing. If you want to get targeted users Emails, you should have blog/website. Then you will collect Emails with targeted users as well.

There are a lot of Paid Marketing Tools available on the web. You can use any Paid or Free Marketing tools to promote products with targeted users. There are many helpful marketing tools available in Digital Marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing.


You have seen different Email Marketers promote products using Email Marketing. Email marketing one of the most helpful ways to promote product or service with targeted users. You have received many Emails in your Email Account, that’s called Email Marketing.

How to Build an Email List without a Website

Furthermore, I will tell you How You can build an Email list without any Website. That’s very simple process to use Facebook & Mail chimp Account to collect targeted emails. First of All, you have Facebook Page and Mail Chimp Account. These methods are free, you can them free of cost.

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Facebook on of the most popular Social Networks, their many Bloggers, Companies Etc. They are using Facebook for a different purpose, you can Use Facebook to Build an Email list as well. So, I will tell you How You Can Do It?

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Mail Chimp is an Email Marketing Tools, Mail Chimp providing many services free and paid. You can Use Free service to collect emails with targeted users. Using Mail Chimp to Run the Camping or Sent Emails Free of Cost. But you just build an Email list more than 2000.

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Facebook page is very important to build an Email list, you need to make a Facebook page with any category as you like. Then you will need to make a Mail Chimp Account, Mail Chimp is a free Email Marketing Tool.

So, you can above ways to Collect Emails as well, but that’s slow process to Collect Emails. If you want to collect Emails quickly, you need to make a Blog / Website. Then you collect emails very well, now I will tell you to build an Email List without Website Write.

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However, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, you can Watch and Follow my Video. After that, you can understand as Well. After that, you are able to Collect Emails Using Facebook Page. I hope the video is very helpful and beneficial to understand.

How to Build an Email List without Website Video Tutorial

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