Best Php Scripts You Should Use in 2017


Hey, Guys, I have found best Php Scripts you should try or use with personal web application or projects. There are a lot of best Php Scripts are available on the web, but I have found most usable and popular scripts. Basically, You Know Php is the best OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Language and flexible programming language.

More than new or beginners, they are learning or studying in PHP Programming. I have seen Php Web Application looking professional and beautiful. Basically, Php providing many frameworks like WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter etc.

Best Php Scripts

I, don’t know you know or not most popular blogging platform WordPress. Basically, WordPress is developed with the help of Php Programming Language. I don’t confirm millions or WordPress Website running on the web.

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Why more than bloggers using WordPress? Basically, Google-like WordPress Website, You can make a Professional Website with the help of WordPress within a short time. Another important thing available in WordPress Plugins and Themes.

 Basically, WordPress Themes are used to design WordPress Website front look and Plugins are Manage Website futures like SEO, Speed, and Widgets etc.

Open Source Php Scripts

So, I have found best Php Scripts, below I have shared each Best Php Script with the short description. You can download or see a demo of the Php Project. After that, you will be able to download it as well.

Advanced PHP Login and User Management


Advanced Php Login and User Management System, you know guys Login and User Registration are very important on the web application. So, I have found Advanced PHP Login and User Management Php Script. It has developed in Php Laravel Framework and MySQL Database.

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In this project, you will get a lot of futures, I have shared on below each future which available in this project. You can read it, if you like, you can download it or see the live demo on this project.

PHP Login and User Features

  • Secure Registration & Login System
  • Social Networks Authentication
  • Two Factor Login Authentication
  • Remeber User
  • You can Use User Name or Email to Login
  • Interactive Professional Dashboard
  • Unlimited No of User Roles
  • Powerful and Professional Admin Panel
  • Unlimited Permission Features Available
  • JASON API Supported
  • User Activity Features
  • Active Session 
  • Full Supported Unicode
  • Client Side and Server Side Validation
  • Fully Customize Features
  • And Much More FeaturesAvailable


Booking System in PHP


Booking System in Php developed in Php and MySQL Database, it will help to store the Reservation Data. You can use it Online and Also Desktop Base.

But, the Best is Online, it will help to outside countries users easily use. Basically, Booking System specially developed for reserve website offering service and Lesson. In this Application, you will get a lot of helpful futures, which used to handle the whole application data with database and also Personal Computer.

Booking System in PHP Features:

  • Appointment Booking Future
  • Class Booking Features
  • SMS Reminder
  • Even Booking Features
  • PDF Schedule System
  • WordPress Capability
  • Credit Card Processing
  • And Much More Futures Available in this Application.


School Management System in PHP


School Management System in PHP which used to store School Records. It has developed in PHP Programming Language and Also MySQL Database. School Management System web base Application, if you want to use it offline you can do that.

However, In this application, you will get a lot of helpful futures. Which help to Handle the Student, Teacher and Also Parent Record. There are many School System Available, it is one of the best Web Application For School Management.

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There are a lot of Best PHP Scripts but School Management System in PHP one of the best Web Application. Basically, In many helpful futures available. However, I made the video tutorial on this topic, you can see it the futures of the application.

School Management System in PHP Futures

If you like the School Management System Futures, I have mentioned download link to this projects. You can download it and also use on your computer or online.


MailWizz – Email Marketing Application


MailWizz- Email Marketing Web Application developed in PHP Programming Language. Basically, there are many Email Marketing best Php Scripts available, but MailWizz Email Marketing one of the best Php Application. which used to Promote the Products using Email Marketing Strategy.

MailWizz Web Applications have a lot of helpful futures I have mentioned each future on below.

  • Responsive 
  • Powerful and Profesional Look Inside the Application
  • Auto Response
  • Export and Import Data
  • Powerful Extension
  • Theme Customization
  • Restful API and WebHooks
  • Fast Email Delivery
  • Form Customization
  • IP Location Service

And Much More futures available in this application. You will use this application to start the Business like Email Marketing. It is one of the best to Use Email Marketing Service to promote the Products or Service.


Freelance Cockpit 3 – Project Management and CRM


Freelance Cockpit 3 Project Managment and CRM Application. It developed in Php Programming Langauge. It will help you to Manage Business Data.  You Know Guys, I have shared different Best Php Scripts on above. Freelance Cockpit 3 Specially Designed Freelancer. 
They are working online and Manage the Records. In this application you will a lot of futures, I mentioned each future on below.
  • Quick Access New Project
  • Task Future
  • Static Features
  • Support Ticket Features
  • Invoicing Features
  • Activity Features
  • Messaging
  • Attractive and Professional Dashboard
  • And Much More Futures Available in this Application.


Premium URL Shortener


Premium URL Shortener Web Base Php Application. There are many URL Shortener best Php Scripts available on the web. I hope you used for different purpose. It is very helpful Web base Application, which used to Shorten URL.

Premium URL shortener providing many helpful futures. I have mentioned each future on below.

  • Full Responsive Web Application
  • All Major Browsers Supported
  • Social Friendly Application
  • New Splash Pages
  • Private Service
  • URL Bookmarking Features
  • User History
  • User Login Using Social Network like Facebook & Twitter
  • Geo-Targeting System
  • URL, Validation & Captcha Plugin
  • Professional Administrative Dashboard
  • And Much More


PHP Live Support Chat


Php Live Support Chat Web Application. which used to Live Support for your Client or Users. They are visiting your website and then they will get help Online. 

Guys, You have seen many websites, they are providing Online Live Chat System. It is very helpful for users and Website Author.  However, I have mentioned below few futures and also link you can see it.


PHP Social – Social Network Platform


PHP social-Social Network Platform Php Web Application. You know guys Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter. Php Social same copy of Facebook, More than features are similar. I have mentioned futures of this application on below.

  • Fully Responsive Web Base Application
  • News Feed
  • Profile
  • Online Chat
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Privacy
  • Customizable Features available in this application
  • And Much More Futures available. 

However, If you want to start Web Base Social Network without writing the thousand of Codes. You can download this project/script, then your own Social Network.


FileGator Php Script

FileGator Php Script

FileGator it is very helpful and beneficial web base script. Which used to upload files Online with your own website or web application.  You can use it for your own project, I have mentioned features of this application.

  • Upload Multiple Files with the help of Ajax
  • Copy, Move, Rename, Edit or Delete Files
  • Create Archives by Zipping or Unzip Online
  • Search Files and also Folders
  • Multiple User Accounts and Also Gues Account
  • Home Directories for each user + permission
  • The All Major Browsers Supported it
  • No Database Require.


Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM


Perfex Powerful Open Source CRM Web Application Software.  It was developed for especially Company, Freelancer or many other users, they are working online. 

It is Web Application Project developed in different languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. It is the fully responsive web application and also All Major Browsers supported this application. I have mentioned download link on below, you can download it.


Freelancer Office


Freelancer Office, it is professional and attractive web-based application. It was developed in Php and MySQL Database, Freelancer Office Web Application developed for especially Freelancers, they are working online. 

Freelancer Office very helpful and beneficial to store the Data and you can use many futures such as Invoicing, Ticketing, File Sharing and Discussing, Private Message Future, Payment and Invoice Report, Multi-language supported, Online Payment Future available in this application 


Pro Login – Advanced Secure PHP User Management System


Pro Login Advance Secure PHP User Management System developed in PHP and MySQL Database. In this application you are able to handle the Users and perform the different task like Insert, Update, Delete Search and Also Assign the Role for specific users.

However, It is one of the best web application based Login and User Management System. In this application, you will get a lot of futures such as  Secure Login, Social Media Login, Admin Panel, User Role, Custom Fields, Premium Plans etc.


User Management System


User Managment System Web-based Application, developed in PHP and MySQL Database. Which used to control unauthorized access to your web application. 

User Managment System full responsive and professional project. In this application, have a lot of futures such as Email Activation, Public Profile, Account Setting and Much More. 


SmartEnd – Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API


Smart End Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API Web Application. It was developed in one of the most powerful PHP Framework namely Laravel. 

After using this Web Application, you are able to develop any type of website as you like. In this application have many helpful futures, it will help you to develop a website and also control it.


Email Newsletter Builder – PHP Version


Email Newsletter Build developed in PHP. it will help to collect the Email list. There are many Email Marketing Tools running on the web, but more than paid tools, they can’t provide free services to collect the emails.

You can use Email Newsletter Builder to Promote the Service through Email Marketing. It is one of the best ways to use this tool to collect targeted users emails. 


Edu Expression Exam Pro


Guys, I have mentioned best PHP scripts and also download link. Edu Expression Exam Pro different web base application PHP Project than above-mentioned PHP Scripts. 

Edu Expression Exam pro especially developed for Examinations, in this application have a lot of futures, which are related in Online Examinations, I have mentioned DOWNLOAD link on below, you can see for more details.


FeastCMS v2.1 – PHP Content management system


Feast CMS stands for Content Managment System, it was developed in PHP and MySQL Database. It is fully responsive and attractive Content Management System, It is the project you will get many helpful futures such as Multipurpose Themes, Dynamic Shortcodes, Portfolio Module with Categories, Menu Manager etc. You can download it from below link.


Bitcoin Rates – 163 Currencies Real-time


Bitcoin Rates – 163 Currencies Real-time Web Application Script. It will help to generate the different currencies rates. It was developed in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, and Jason. The PHP Version 7.x and 5.6 supported this script. The All Major Browsers Like Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera etc Supported.

Bitcoin Rates Application provides many helpful features. That will help you to display accurate curries rates etc. I have mentioned each feature which available in this application.

  • Supporting 163 Currencies.
  • API Updates Every 60 Seconds.
  • JASON Data Caching.
  • Change Default Currency Calculator.
  • Change Popular Currency in the Header Section.
  • Individual Currencies Pages.
  • Mobile Responsive Web Application.
  • Configurable Colors.


Feedy – RSS News Ticker

Feedy RSS News Ticker

Feedy  RSS News Ticker developed in PHP, It was working superbly. You can easily integer the News Ticker Application in your website or web application. In this project, you will get different categories news tricker RSS Feeds. 

There are a lot of features available in this application, like Enable or Disable Specific Category, Password Protection, Theme Option, SQL Injection for Security Purpose etc.


Gigs – Services Marketplace


Gigs Services Marketplace web-based application, It was developed in PHP and MySQL Database. Which Used to Sell Products online Marketplace.

It is one of the best web application, you can use this application to sell products online. In this Application have many features available. I have mentioned each feature on below.

  • Fully Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Application.
  • Secure Payment Process
  • Detail Document 
  • Customizable UI Design
  • Powerful and Attractive Admin Panel
  • Analyzed Results
  • Message & Chat
  • Support etc.


SellerKit | All in One eCommerce Platform

SellerKit All in One E-Commerce Platform web-based application developed in Php. E-Commerce one of the top Online Business to Sell the Products. This Application designed especially for E-Commerce Sites or Online Product Selling.
In this Application have many superb features, that will help you to Configure or Setup E-Commerce Store. Below, I have mentioned each feature which available in this application.
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fully Responsive
  • Security 
  • Guest Checkout
  • Easy & Fast Checkout Process
  • Professional Chart Design etc. 

Download Now

VidCasterLive – Facebook Live Streaming With Pre-recorded Video


VidCasterLive Facebook Live Streaming With Pre Recorded Video.  I have shared many best PHP scripts, but it is one of the best of the very helpful PHP script. It will use to generate Live Session on Your Facebook, In this application have many helpful features.

So, I have mentioned each feature on below, you can read it step by step. Then you can easily understand it.

  • Video Live Streaming on Facebook (Pre-recorded) Feature
  • Share Live Video with Your All FB Friends or Pages.
  • Schedule Live Streaming Campaign Feature.
  • Clone Campaign Feature.
  • Auto Like on Video with Your Facebook Friends.
  • Edit Campaign. 
  • Create Live Event Before Go Actual Live.


Best Php Scripts You Should Use in 2017

However, I have mentioned in above best PHP scripts. You can read each Php Scripts short descriptions and also download link. You can download any one application as you like, I will find more best Php Scripts. Then I will update this post, You will see many other Php Scripts available on this page.

If you like best Php Scripts, kindly share and like the content and Share with Social Networks. If you have any question/suggestion, comment me or email, after receiving your email. I will help you to solve your problems. Thanks For Watching and Read the Complete Article.