How to Add Jquery Image Gallery on Website Tutorial


Hey everyone, in this tutorial We Will Learn How to Add Jquery Image Gallery on Website Video Tutorial. If you want to make a website or blog with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, after creating the website your website looking so nice and professional.

But, you will add another attractive Jquery Image slider on Website, then your website looking so beautiful and professional. You can design Image Slider as you like with help of JavaScript/Jquery. But it will take a couple of hours to create a Jquery Image Gallery.

Jquery Image GalleryNow, I will share you helpful tactics, you can use it to create Professional Jquery Image Gallery without type any codes. Yes, that’s very simple to create a Jquery Image Gallery with help of WOW Slider Application Software.

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WOW, Slider is a software which is used to create and slider with your blog/website. It is free of cost software, it will help to make the professional slider on your blog/website as you like. WOW, Slider providing a couple of Sliders, you can choose any one as you like and publish on the website. It will take maximum 05 to 10 minutes, you don’t need to write the codes.

Jquery Slider Tutorial for Beginners

First of All, you need to Download and Install WOW Slider. Then you will need to Open it and upload images, which you will use to Jquery Image Gallery, Below I have shared screenshot.

Add-Images-on-Wow-SliderAfter the adding images, you need to setup Sliders as you like. There are many templates you can choose any one as you like. After choosing templates or design, then you need to customize the template. Then you need to select Transition Effect and finally select Jquery Image Gallery Size.

If you want to Add Slider on Your Website Directly, you need to Click Publish Button. Then you will see many options below you can see screenshot.

Slider-Display-On-BrowserThen you need to browse Website folder and then you don’t change any other options. After that Click Publish Button, then you will see Slider and Codes on your Browser.

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Then you need to Copy Second Number Code and Paste on Your Website Index File Head Section. Then Copy Third Number Code as the paste on the website any place as you want to display Slider, that’s it.

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However, I have made a video tutorial, you can watch and get an idea about it. Then you will be able to Create and Publish Image Slider on the personal website with the help of WOW Slider.

How to Add Jquery Image Gallery on Website Tutorial

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