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I’m Programmer, Digital Marketer, and Blogger. I have been continuously working on the web for 04 years. In this time I  learn a lot of knowledge in Programming, Digital Marketing or SEO and Blogging Fields. So, I want to everyone who wants to learn Programming, SEO, and Blogging, I have been sharing content related my topics.

Beside this, there are many other works have been performed by me among them the most favourite one was Computer. Initially, in 2004 I had the very keen interest regarding computer and did a simple short course of the computer, in my short course I learned about MS Office. I really worked very hard and tried to be brilliant in computer systems. Besides this, I had done many Investment in Different Companies of the World and could not get much profit as I thought to have rather than I had many losses in investment in different companies after date I quit them.

After that I turned towards Ad Posting, Data Entry in different companies, the work was really hard to be done in spite of that I worked with Heart & Soul in performing this. Though, I felt very boring in continuing this and decided to quit it. Furthermore, I asked one of my friend to help me in making websites but he refused to do so and asked me to keep on  doing work in Ad Posting, Data Entry then after I worked it Two Months but again left it.

On 14 May 2015 I made my Own Website www.onlineittuts.com. Initially, I was not so much expert regarding the information, marketing, advertisement etc of my website, but I didn’t give up and struggled a lot sometimes I worked Whole Night in making by Website famous. Currently, I have been working to enhance my website and my skills of a website.

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