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Saturday , 28 May 2016

Complete Guide Digital Marketing


The use of digital technology into marketing is known as Digital Marketing(DM), the basic objective of digital marketing is to promote a business, brand, ideas or anything with the help of new ideas. I can also say the D.M is a way or process by which a producer sends their message about product toward the customer or it is also a source to understand the demand of the customer. In this era, the use of digital field increase and so DM need going to peek. There are numerous channels of DM such as SEO (Search engine optimization), SEM (search engine ...

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Java Development Kit (JDK) Download & Configuration


Java Development Kit JDK it is binary software development kit, JDK introduced by Oracle Corporation, Is an execution of Java and dispersed for the different stage, such as Linux, Windows Mac OS etc. However, if you want to start to use Java Programming language you must be Install and Configure JDK, basically, I am working online as a Teacher, and I have made a different course with my another website Learn2Free. So, Today, I have shared complete guide Java Development Kit Download and Configuration. I, have shared previously Stored Procedure and Data Validation form and I have included complete details ...

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Stored Procedure SQL Server 2014 Tutorial


Hello, Every Body Today I have shared Stored Procedure usage with step by step. First of All, you have good knowledge about SQL Server  after that, you will understand as well. Basically, Stored Procedure which is used in SQL Server, SQL Server is the product of Microsoft. Stored Procedure is mostly used with Insert, Update and Delete Data in Your Tables. If you make a table and insert update and delete record a records you have used insert update and delete query simply  again and again but Stored Procedure different. Stored Procedure you make a one time simply after that ...

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JavaScript Data Validator Form Tutorial


Hello, Guys, I Hope You all of Fine, Today I have shared with you JavaScript Data Validator Form. We will use to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript after that We have been made a JavaScript Data Validation Form Easily with Beautiful Design. I have made complete it after that I have shared with you and understand with you step by step after that I hope you can learn it as well. First of All, I have made a Simply Sign Up Form with the help of HTML5. I have published below Sign up form you can simply copy it and paste ...

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